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SimpleMachines has created an agile platform for AI that addresses the bottlenecks between software and hardware. For businesses this platform provides fast development, deployment and management of AI solutions. For developers it provides a data scientist friendly development environment and extreme performance on deployed solutions. Read on to learn how these benefits deliver value to the AI needs of specific industries.

Financial Services
Financial Services

AI and machine learning bring extraordinary value to the financial services industry by optimizing a wide variety of tasks including credit lending decisions, quantitative trading, customer service, and fraud detection. These tasks require a variety of very different software applications that currently being run with CPU’s or GPU’s. Despite being the best available hardware solutions, ultimately the speed of these applications on this hardware leaves plenty of room for improvement.


This sector faces a variety of other challenges in deploying AI solutions as well.

  • Extreme data velocity requires frequent model retraining

  • The value of some financial data diminishes rapidly with time and must be processed promptly to gain actional insights on consumer sentiment, service needs, and product innovation opportunities

  • Variability across data types requires the ability to process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data


SimpleMachines Composable Computing Platform aptly addresses each of these problems with a single solution that delivers dramatic results: 30-100X speedup for stock prediction, 100X speedup of fraud detection, 30-50X speedup for sentiment analysis, and 5-10X speedup for image analysis and other AI tasks. These gains can all be achieved through rapid deployment, without staffing increases, and in the compute center of your choice (on-prem or cloud). Finally, as these algorithms change or new AI applications come online, the Composable Compute Platform will allow you to seamlessly run the new programs without a hardware upgrade.