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Karu Sankaralingam, PhD

Founder, CEO, CTO

Karu is currently on leave from the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he is Professor of Computer Sciences. He served as a Research Professor at Qualcomm and has been the advisor for 9 graduated PhDs. He has 17 patents and published 91 papers, including 8 award papers. He received IEEE TCCA Young Architect Award and NSF CAREER Award and was the project lead for university chip tapeout at 90nm, MIAOW open-source GPGPU, OpenSplyser SPARC extension, SPARC compiler gcc-backend, and others.

Poly Palamuttam

VP Hardware

Poly has over 20 years of experience with multiple chips and SoC tapeouts. 25+ chip tapeouts down to 7nm, including multiple ARM 64-bit server chips. Formerly the Director Engineering for the server SoC at Qualcomm, he was also the Chipset Project Engineer for the a Machine Learning accelerator.

Jitu Khare

VP Silicon & Systems

Jitu has over 20 years of experience with multiple chips and SoC tapeouts. 25+ chip tapeouts down to 7nm, including multiple ARM 64-bit server chips. Formerly the Senior Director of Technology in the data center group at Qualcomm, where he was responsible for managing and leading all design activities and was one of two original SoC leads on the Machine Learning chip.

Kaustubh Gondkar

VP Software

Kaustubh has seventeen years of experience in real-time embedded systems software development. He has led R&D teams in designing deep learning software stack on multiple generations of AI hardware accelerators at NVIDIA and Qualcomm for autonomous driving and edge computing. Lead Snapdragon Flight platform design for drones.

Viraj Patel


Viraj has over 30 years of finance and operations experience. He has served as CFO of public and  startup companies. His experience includes IPO, fundraising, scaling companies, and M&A. He has led Finance, HR, and Legal/IP across many international geographies and industries including software/services, wireless/mobile, telecom, semis and industrial tech.

Zack Mihalis

VP Biz Dev & Product Strategy

Zack has extensive experience in global technology companies ranging from startup to Fortune 100. He has experience with enterprise-class products and technologies in edge computing, algorithm acceleration, storage and data management and a track record of driving double digit growth in existing and emerging markets at HP, Western Digital, Exar, and Adaptec. 

Brian Johnson

VP Business Operations

Brian has been starting and building business for more than 15 years across various industries including venture-funded startups, family-owned businesses, and non-profits. He has built and led teams in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, and Customer Success. He led the R&D team at Networked Insights and launched one of the earliest commercialized AI platforms leading to the company being named to Fast Company’s list of  “50 Most Innovative Companies”.


Krishna Raghavan

Krishna is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building companies in technology and healthcare. He was a Co-Founder for Hellosoft Inc, Radion Inc, and DermEbx, and helped lead them to successful acquisitions. He also served as President of MIPS, an industry leader in Processor IP.

Saman Farid

Saman runs the international investments for Baidu Ventures and is a Founder of Comet Labs. He's invested in enabling AI technologies for the past 7 years, with extensive experience in the US and Chinese tech ecosystems. Saman is an observer of the Board.

Barun Kar, PhD

Barun is currently SVP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks, where he has served in various technical leadership roles for the last 14 years. He is a leading expert in the networking hardware industry.

James Wang

James is an active entrepreneur and investor and serves as a Partner with IMO Ventures.

Matt Kelly

Matt is a Co-Manager with Wisconsin Investment Partners (WIP) - Wisconsin's foremost angel capital investment group. WIP has 100+ members, with $42M+ invested to date. Matt is an observer of the Board.


Dan Neely

Dan is a serial entrepreneur and investor best-known as the founder of Networked Insights - a machine learning software company that was backed by Goldman Sachs and acquired in 2017. 

Shmuel Silverman, PhD

Shmuel is a technology leader and investor with over 165 patents and disclosures, specializing in Telecommunications, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, and AI. He is the Founder/CEO of Multi-Innovation, an IP protection services company, and has held senior technical positions at Xilinx, Motorola, and River.

Doug Burger, PhD

Doug is Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and currently serves as Technical Fellow for Microsoft’s Azure Hardware Systems. He is one of the world’s leading active researchers in computer architecture and former professor at The University of Texas at Austin. He is an IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow and has over 50 patents, including 6 with Bill Gates.

Mark Mcdermott, PhD

Mark is a Professor of Practice and EIR at The University of Texas at Austin. He has over 40 years of industry experience development silicon systems, including as former Sr. Director at Apple, VP/GM at Intrinsity, and VP Engineering at Coherent Logix. He has 19 patents and numerous publications in IC design.

Dileep Bhandarkar, PhD

Dileep recently retired as VP of Technology at Qualcomm. Previously, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft responsible for Server Hardware Architecture and held senior roles at Intel, Digital Equipment Corp, and Texas Instruments. He is an IEEE Fellow with 16 patents and 30+ published papers.

Jude Shavlik, PhD

Jude is a retired professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and one of the foremost authorities on machine learning and AI. He was named a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of AI (AAAI) in 2016 for "his significant contributions to machine learning, especially knowledge-based approaches."

David Wood, PhD

Dr. Wood is Professor Emeritus of the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is an ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow and received the National Science Foundation’s Presidential Young Investigator Award. Dr. Wood has published over 100 papers and 15 patents.